Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Portent of D-O-O-M

A few minutes into the New Year, I had my first portent of doom: this will NOT be a good year for me. I just k-n-o-w it. Well, the doomsayer said "I just know it."

But what the hey! I've been told many times at various points in my life that I had only a few weeks to a few months of my (dreary) life left to live. What can I say, ang masamang damo ay mahirap kitlan ng lifeness. Hehehehe... So my apologies to those who hate me with every fiber of their being. I'm here to stay. Live with it... for a few more months or so (if the latest doomsayer is to be believed).

But Anabel Bosch still has a full life ahead of her and your prayers will be instrumental in helping her live that life. I don't know her personally, only as an artist. But there is no law (by man or by God) that restricts prayers to those we know personally. Read about it HERE (and I'm sure other blog sites will have it) and get prayin'!