Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Do Not Disturb

Being busy strangely leaves me with a hollow silence in my head where memories resonate. While I exalt "busy-ness" as a good state to be in when I don't want to hear myself think, I found recently that despite the reports to run, specs to review and deadlines to meet my brain still has the energy to reminisce.

I miss how comparatively laid-back my old job was. After 8 manic hours with the kids, I had the late afternoon and the whole night to myself.

I miss rainy afternoons when I would choose to stay at a nearby mall, have coffee, read a book and just watch the world go by.

I miss choosing to take an FX and deliberately get myself stuck in traffic so I can people-watch while music was blasted into my ears at bone-crushing decibel levels. Listening to Rage Against The Machine while watching two drivers argue about who crashed into whose vehicle was as surreal as hearing Usher croon "I just wanna take it nice and slow" in time to a couple gobbling each other up across the aisle from me.

I miss preferring to stay at the grandstand or in the Sunken Garden after MA classes until 9 or 10 in the evening and listening to the crickets or eyeing die-hard Pele wannabes punish themselves on the lush grass.

I miss the choices I could make back then.

Right now, even my own time is no longer in my hands.

This time, the choice is no longer mine.

On a lighter, less serious note...

Baby Sky is thriving and is a precocious kiddo approaching the Terrible Two's. But a gorgeous child like this can throw a tantrum ANYTIME. Harhar...

Sky was born two days shy of Valentines' Day but this kiddo is full of love-o!

He is still breast-fed when Mommy is at home but is forced to drink formula (which he hates) when she's not around. He prefers...get this... fresh milk and Nestle Chuckie!

Baby Sky, I can't wait to take you on your next Christmas shopping spree. Time does fly so fast, doesn't it?