Saturday, May 28, 2011

Meet our Fantastic Five: Lilly

Allyson Natasha was the last of five siblings who were born three days shy of Christmas in 2010. The smallest of the litter, she also has the most distinctive look - as if she'd been sparring with Manny Pacquiao and he got one on her. A true-blue aspin (short for asong Pinoy - literally Filipino Dog), she is most of the time mistaken to be a mix of bulldog, fox hound, Jack Russel Terrier and Beagle! Wha....?

Our bunso (youngest child) is her own dog, with a sweet shyness and a spark of mischief in her hazel eyes. She bullies her ates (older sisters) and kuyas (older brothers) when the fancy strikes her - and I'm not sure if it's her age or her cuteness that lets her get away with it.

She learned the command "sit" at warp speed at just three months of age. Though she lacks self-confidence and would rather not go out on walks with her mommies and siblings, she has the time of her life when loafing around the house with her canine siblings.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meet our Fantastic Five: Deedee

Deedee asks Doug to share

Aiesha Nadyne, our 19kg Basset Hound who thinks she is a 9lb lapdog, forced her way out of Pin (her dam) on the same date my parents got married in church - May 24. Today, this huge clown of a dog is one year old and is as naughty as ever.

A true alpha female she, who dominates even her ate Nikka, has no qualms about stealing attention from the canine we are currently cuddling. Like a true hound, she chows on anything in sight - plastic bags are not an exception. Despite this, she is the healthiest of our five furbabies.

Her energentic tailwag and loud voice are the first to greet any new arrivals into our home - followed a split-second later by soft but huge paws on the upper thighs (or knees, depending on the newcomer's height) and frenzied face-licks as soon as one leans down to pet her.

Soft and cuddly, this living stuffed toy is a joy to snuggle up to if one doesn't mind the confetti of hair left on every available body surface.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Meet our Fantastic Five: Hunter


This buff hairball breathed his first on the first of August 2009. My memories of him as a puppy are his soft paws, riotous fur and his near-death experience due to Parvo.

Our little survivor is now a big bully at home, daring to hump his kuya Douglas who is 25% heavier than he is. He is our all-in-one alarm clock, cuddly toy, burglar alarm, and baying machine. One bark from a dog within earshot and he is off joining the chorus.

This small dog with great looks walks like a dog on a mission, which my brother calls a "mad dash". Solitary walking (just me and Hunt) has curbed his mad-dash tendecies and we can enjoy our twice-daily walks at a leisurely pace.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Meet our Fantastic Five: Nikka

Waking up sleeping beauty

Annikka Nicolette came into the human world on June 24, 2009. J and I decided to have her after a phone conversation. She was at home; I was in High Street with Douglas.

I came home to the cutest Bea-gurl I have ever laid my eyes on. This mischievous prima donna quickly won us over, depsite her sharp puppy teeth and noisy baying. Admittedly, J and I never got to enjoy her puppyhood, something we are still making up for.

Nikka is the ultimate VelcroDog. She goes where the humans are and would nudge us with her muzzle until we either scold her or give in to her demands for a head-scratching. While she does not enjoy the boar-bristle brush as much as her kuya, she will never say no to a belly rub or a scratch behind the ears.

She is the most aloof Beagle I have ever met. While she is a bundle of energy, there are times when I'm convinced she is almost feline. Also, she is not the typical chowhound that most dogs her breed are. She is extremely picky with her food... and she eats the strangest things. Sampaloc-eating dog, anyone?

This sweet little Bea-gurl is one of the reasons why J and I are celebrating our 5th year as a couple this year =)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Meet our Fantastic Five: Douglas

Douglas loves his chew toy

Douglas was whelped March 13, 2009 - which makes him our eldest child. Before he came into our household, he was pretty much my baby too, as I would tag along to take him walking at High Street whenever I can. It was also because of his adorable face that I decided I wanted a Bea-gurl as my eldest dog (hence, Nikka - but that's a separate story).

Doug, Douglas, Dugam, Dayam, Progs, Prugam - he is a typical member of the family in that he has as many nicknames as the people who call him. He enjoys leisurely walks in the daytime and the evening. He doesn't bark much, and his current hobby is trying to hump his brother Hunter, or his sister Nikka. He doesn't dare try it on Deedee and Lilly.

He likes belly rubs, being groomed with his boar-hair brush, and he eats like there's no tomorrow. Coming from a diet, he is now a solid 15kg, which we plan to bring up to 18kg before we maintain.

This (big) round bundle of sweet canine mushiness makes a good bedmate... if only he doesn't shed too much!