Friday, May 20, 2011

Meet our Fantastic Five: Nikka

Waking up sleeping beauty

Annikka Nicolette came into the human world on June 24, 2009. J and I decided to have her after a phone conversation. She was at home; I was in High Street with Douglas.

I came home to the cutest Bea-gurl I have ever laid my eyes on. This mischievous prima donna quickly won us over, depsite her sharp puppy teeth and noisy baying. Admittedly, J and I never got to enjoy her puppyhood, something we are still making up for.

Nikka is the ultimate VelcroDog. She goes where the humans are and would nudge us with her muzzle until we either scold her or give in to her demands for a head-scratching. While she does not enjoy the boar-bristle brush as much as her kuya, she will never say no to a belly rub or a scratch behind the ears.

She is the most aloof Beagle I have ever met. While she is a bundle of energy, there are times when I'm convinced she is almost feline. Also, she is not the typical chowhound that most dogs her breed are. She is extremely picky with her food... and she eats the strangest things. Sampaloc-eating dog, anyone?

This sweet little Bea-gurl is one of the reasons why J and I are celebrating our 5th year as a couple this year =)

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