Monday, May 16, 2011

Meet our Fantastic Five: Douglas

Douglas loves his chew toy

Douglas was whelped March 13, 2009 - which makes him our eldest child. Before he came into our household, he was pretty much my baby too, as I would tag along to take him walking at High Street whenever I can. It was also because of his adorable face that I decided I wanted a Bea-gurl as my eldest dog (hence, Nikka - but that's a separate story).

Doug, Douglas, Dugam, Dayam, Progs, Prugam - he is a typical member of the family in that he has as many nicknames as the people who call him. He enjoys leisurely walks in the daytime and the evening. He doesn't bark much, and his current hobby is trying to hump his brother Hunter, or his sister Nikka. He doesn't dare try it on Deedee and Lilly.

He likes belly rubs, being groomed with his boar-hair brush, and he eats like there's no tomorrow. Coming from a diet, he is now a solid 15kg, which we plan to bring up to 18kg before we maintain.

This (big) round bundle of sweet canine mushiness makes a good bedmate... if only he doesn't shed too much!

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