Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Meet our Fantastic Five: Deedee

Deedee asks Doug to share

Aiesha Nadyne, our 19kg Basset Hound who thinks she is a 9lb lapdog, forced her way out of Pin (her dam) on the same date my parents got married in church - May 24. Today, this huge clown of a dog is one year old and is as naughty as ever.

A true alpha female she, who dominates even her ate Nikka, has no qualms about stealing attention from the canine we are currently cuddling. Like a true hound, she chows on anything in sight - plastic bags are not an exception. Despite this, she is the healthiest of our five furbabies.

Her energentic tailwag and loud voice are the first to greet any new arrivals into our home - followed a split-second later by soft but huge paws on the upper thighs (or knees, depending on the newcomer's height) and frenzied face-licks as soon as one leans down to pet her.

Soft and cuddly, this living stuffed toy is a joy to snuggle up to if one doesn't mind the confetti of hair left on every available body surface.

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