Sunday, May 22, 2011

Meet our Fantastic Five: Hunter


This buff hairball breathed his first on the first of August 2009. My memories of him as a puppy are his soft paws, riotous fur and his near-death experience due to Parvo.

Our little survivor is now a big bully at home, daring to hump his kuya Douglas who is 25% heavier than he is. He is our all-in-one alarm clock, cuddly toy, burglar alarm, and baying machine. One bark from a dog within earshot and he is off joining the chorus.

This small dog with great looks walks like a dog on a mission, which my brother calls a "mad dash". Solitary walking (just me and Hunt) has curbed his mad-dash tendecies and we can enjoy our twice-daily walks at a leisurely pace.

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