Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Just Another New Year

What is the best way to spend the days leading up to the New Year?

Do LOTS of stuff!

Cook up a storm

Momsie asked me to make side dishes for a family dinner on the 28th. Since her stove conked out the day prior, I made corn and carrots in garlic-butter sauce... and basil-olive oil grilled eggplant.

After slapping on some sunscreen (aka olive oil, dried basil, salt and pepper), the eggplant slices lounged on my stove-top grill for 2 minutes on each side until they were buttery soft. Sold out on the dinner table!

Throw around a few balls with your family

Family (nuclear + in-laws = one big FAMILY) went to MOA to throw a few balls around. Fun!

Clean up your humble abode

When I arrived here in Manila a week ago, I just dumped all my stuff on the floor. After several days of shopping, all the stuff accumulated on that same spot until Jeni and I had to evict the squatters... Which we did successfully but with much effort and many tears. Mwehehehe...

Stuff your face with a few regional delicacies

Tati brought home some crack...err, butterscotch from her trip to her hometown. Being a self-confessed BS (bullcrap or butterscotch...both apply mwehehehehe!) addict, I stuffed my face with one pack of the sweets and promptly went into a sugar coma. And, yes, that is a fly on my shirt. Coz I am SO full of sh*t (oh YOU are SO wishing it were true, aren't you?!? Libre lang mangarap... tingin muna sa salamin, kafateed!)

Hit a few balls around with sticks

Before we bid farewell to our current neighborhood (moving out early next year), we decided to check out a few local spots and chanced upon a billiard hall/bar/ktv thingamajiggie. They have about 8 (I think) billiard tables, two private KTV rooms (think Prov or a less classy Red Box) and cheap drinks (frozen margarita = 130 bucks. San ka pa?!?) - more than enough to make us stay more than two hours (and have a little too much to drink).

Have fun... and win a few stuffed toys in the process

So since Jen and I had nothing better to do in the last few hours leading up to putukan (*shudder*), we decided to spend those hours at Time Zone. Two hours later, we ended up with three new toys to add to the "babies" taking up precious real estate on my bed. Now Rocco won't sleep alone.

Alone no more...

Whose idea was THAT?!? I plead innocent, your Honor...


2008 - the year that was. It was so NOT uneventful for me. It was this year that...

... I made the move from educator to full-time corporate pain in the behind

... I weeded the men from the boys

... I also weeded the "stay" from the "go"

... I gained weight but gained more friends

... I fell in love again (heehee)

... I experienced snow!

... I said farewell to all that needed to be let go

... I chose to hold on to what needed to be held on to

For 2009, I wish to...

... move into a new place early in the year

... move on with my career (yes, move being the operative word)

... move on with my life (again, move is the operative word)

Yes, fifol of the world... 2009 is the best year to make a HUGE change in my life and I intend to do just that.

Thank you to everyone who was a part of my life this year. You know who you are. Thank you... you all made me who I am and who I am not.

Happy New Year, everyone! Now excuse me while I plug in my earbuds. The firecrackers are getting a wee bit too loud! Hehehe...

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