Saturday, February 7, 2009

When It's O-V-E-R...

... That's the time I fall in love again.

So goes the song... but, but, BUT it doesn't work that way for me.

When it's over, it's really over. There are no second chances. Do it right the first time. Every time.

Why go for second chances when the chance has been given? Would it be my fault that you screwed up that chance? Would I be so mean to not grant you a second chance?

I do not believe in second chances. If you could have done it right, you should have done it right the first time around.

So... NO. No second chances. Why should I afford you that when I don't even allow myself that luxury? Ano ka, swerte?!?

P.S. (On a totally unrelated note): Rest in peace, Anabel.


TheDivineMissM! said...

You give people second chances because when people make mistakes they learn and they become better versions of themselves. We don't always know what we are doing the first time. No school to teach us how to fall in love, how to be good lovers, how not to falter. And when we cut off from our lives people we loved, we cut off part of ourselves. And time will come when we've shaved off so many little bits that we don't recognise ourselves anymore. I know it's hard to forgive, but it's far easier to do that than live the rest of your life harbouring pain and resentment. Less baggage. ~Tita Eps~

stargazer said...

My gad Tita Eps... I started out replying to your comment but I realized it warrants its own separate entry! Mwahahaha!