Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Biggest Lie

Do you know what the biggest lie of all time is? Read on.

"I had/have no choice."

B*llsh*t. One ceases to be human when one ceases to have a choice. Yes, as human beings we always have a choice. There is always at least ONE choice available to us in any given situation at any given time. It's just that the available choices are sometimes not favorable for us, so we choose to bluff our way out of our choice by claiming to have no choice.

What the... Even choosing not to choose is already a choice.

What's with this post? Well, I thought there was such a thing as "freedon of speech" and "freedom of expression". You know, benefits of being part of a democracy or some phony showcase thereof. Anyway, I just said I was pro-choice and that SexEd should be part of the elementary and high school curriculum.

Why? I believe that a human being who makes an informed choice ultimately chooses better. A human child who does not learn "things" from her parents or her school will learn it from other media: TV, radio, print, Hollywood, the porn industry, her friends... heck, even music! So if my daughter/son is expected to make a choice for her/himself, she/he may as damn well be informed on the choice she/he is to make.

Makes sense? Apparently not.

I have been called (among many things): a "female dog" (that's Nikka, not me!), a slanderer (what the?), a bigot (huh?), a sl*t (slot machine? Sa casino yun diba?), and a p*rn hugger (as opposed to a tree hugger, maybe?).

Cool it, people. What's with the hot heads? Dahan-dahan lang! Tandaan, habang iniipit ay lalong umiinit. Habang pinipigil, lalong nang-gigigil.



"But that's not an invitation; that's all I get
If this is communication, I disconnect...
...and I hold the record for being patient
With your kind of hesitation...


On the subject of choice... I choose not to choose since a choice is not called for. We can be as we are, we can do as we did, we can be as we were. No questions asked. None yet anyway.

As I said on Facebook: "You have no idea of the effect you have on me. But if it were up to me, I won't let you know. Not yet, anyway."

The perfect time will come... and it will be when both of us least expect it.

I know it will be perfect when the time comes. It will be worth the wait.

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