Monday, August 31, 2009

How True?

Is it true that the better off (and more fun) your personal life becomes, the reverse is true for your love life? Oh goodness me, I've never had so much fun in my personal life in the last three years! You can only guess where my "love life" is going.

To the dogs. To the DOGS I tell you!
Not THAT dog!

It's true. Despite the hectic-crazy-crappy-lifeless schedule we keep at work, my ETL team still has the time to bond over food, badminton, travel and other crazy stuff. Similarly, I still have wall-climbing sessions with the Delivery team (I do hope to drag them into the other stuff ETL does).

On the flipside, things aren't so hot on the amore side of the fence.

Oh woe is me...

It hasn't been the same in the past... two or three months. Sure, I've tried and tried again. As someone said "Kaya yan! Subok lang nang subok!" But what the hey, sometimes I feel all that trying has been in vain. Is it coincidence (Dada would say "of course it's not!"), is it fate, is it destiny (ugh, Serendipity)? Or is it just that neither of us has the same time to spare as we used to?

Hmmm... text KASS (space) your answer and send to 1234567890. Open to Globe, Smart, Sun, Talk n Text, TM, Red Mobile, Bayan Wireless, PLDT wireless and Kawawang Phoneless subscribers!

Hemingway, I have to catch some Z's. I haven't quite recovered from the Corregidor Escapade and today wasn't exactly as restful as I would have wanted it to be. So goodnight!

P.S. To you: "Just realize what I just realized, then we'll never have to wonder if we missed out on each other..." Let's not let this chance pass us by, ok? I don't want to wonder for the rest of my life... ♥

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