Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Daily (Doggy) Grind: How I Rue About The Chew(ies)!

Because our canines are fed a kibble-based diet (this will change soon - that's a separate post altogether), they need to brush their teeth and chew on various "teeth-cleaning" chewies. And such expensive things they are!

Two "bones" made of compressed rawhide will keep two dogs busy for about half an hour - just enough to alleviate boredom. It costs 80Php or about 2USD. A dollar for each dog for half an hour of teeth-cleaning fun. Ouch.

A 6-pack of 3-inch edible chewbones costs 70Php or about 1.80USD. One pack keeps all five canines (Deedee is a chewing machine) busy for another half hour. Double ouch.

If I went to Chatuchak (a huge outdoor market in Central Bangkok), I could get both of these things for less than 1USD.

On second thought, if my canines were eating as a wild dog does, they need none of these highly-processed things! What wolf in the wild needs chewthings made with tapioca starch, guar/xantham gum, and possibly even artificial coloring? How do all these contribute to strong, shiny teeth? Heck, I even brush their teeth with enzymatic veterinary toothpaste and their breath is still "doggy"...

I really think it's time for a change!

*** Edit: All five canines - Douglas, Nikka, Hunter, Deedee and Lilly - are now on raw meat (chicken like manna from heaven!), and virtually all the deposits on their teeth are gone - except for the little bits on Nikka's and Hunter's back teeth. I still brush them to get them off.

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