Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Daily (Doggy) Grind: Who Let The Dogs Out?

I did. I have to. Twice a day. Everyday - rain or shine, come hell or high water.

(Well, maybe not high water. In that event, I'd have five dogs on leashes and life vests and we'll all be swimming for our lives!)

I need to let them out into the fresh air twice a day for their twice-daily P&P session (poo and pee, excuse me, readers who are eating as they read) plus their daily dose of R&R (romp and roam). The consequences of missing this are drastic: imagine five hyperactive dogs pissed off and bored being cooped up in a 30sqm, one-bedroom apartment.

Last weekend, the Fantastic Five were due for their afternoon walk when the rain fell hard and fast. What can two puny humans (J and I) do against the forces of nature? Nothing! So the leashes were put on and all seven of us went for a romp in the rain. I wish I had a water-proof camera to capture the moments of canine bliss.

Dogs (mine, at least), need to see the outdoors and gulp fresh air for their well-being and their humans' peace of mind. The skylight in the living room can only do so much.

So go ahead and let the dogs out... and burn a few calories in the process. Just don't forget your poop scooper!

*** update: all five dogs now eating raw! Tomorrow is their first time eating pork! Keeping fingers and toes crossed!

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