Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tagged Again!

Ladies and gentlemen, I interrupt my regular ramblings with a short message from my sponsors.


I was tagged again... but by email. Frienships, I am blogging again! I'm sorry I did not tell you about the demise of the old Stargazer blog but I'm blogging again ok? Huwag nang magalit, I'll post your tags, ok? OK!

As I was saying, I was tagged by email and the questions are:

1) Single, Taken, Naked, or Flirt? Depends on the circumstances, location and the person asking. *LOL* I'm kidding. Taken. Very much so. *wink* (Flirt? Everyone, I believe, has a "flirt" gene. It's just inactive most of the time)

2) Are you happy with your current situation (see above question)? Yes, I am.

3) Would you still kiss your ex? Which one? Hahaha, I'd beso her. A chaste, friendly kiss would be the most, if at all.

4) Have you ever had your heartbroken? Who hasn't? *LOL*

5) Do you believe that there are selected circumstances where cheating is ok? It is never OK to cheat. N-E-V-E-R. Those "selected circumstances" do not exist. In the real world, they're called "lame-ass excuses". Harharhar...

6) Have you and your SO ever talked about marriage? With my current SO, yes. But we've also talked about how it wouldn't matter anyway, seeing as it's not legal in our home country. Unless we move and stay where it's legal then that'd be a whole new topic altogether.

7) Do you (personally) want children? I'd like a kid or two... eventually. In the next ten years maybe?

8) How many would you like? As I said, one or two. Preferably twins para isang irihan na lang. Hahahaha!

9) If someone liked you right now, would you want him/her to tell you? His/her choice. I'll just react to it if/when it happens. But for me, if I also like her and she was brave enough to tell me about it, plus points yun for her.

10) Do you want someone you can't have? Who doesn't like a challenge? I know I do. Envy won't be a deadly sin and God would not have said "thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife/husband" (or girlfriend/boyfriend) if it were not such a common human affliction.

11) Have you ever been in love? Yes. Yes! YES!

12) Do you and your SO celebrate your anniversaries? Of course. It's a milestone... so we ought to celebrate it with... the whole nine yards! For month-saries (no such word, I know), we just greet each other. Like saying "hey, we made it through another month!" *LOL*

14) Is it a good day today? Yes, weather is perfect. Air is cool and crisp. Sun is shining. Leaves are perfect. Perfect day... to stay in bed. Hahaha...

15) What would you like to say to your most recent ex? Recent official ex: the past has passed. I've let it go. I hope you would to. Recent-not-so-official-ex: thank you and I'm sorry. It was good while it lasted.

16) Does your ex still have feelings for you? Again, which one? Hahaha! One ex once said she wanted us to be friends. Does that count as a feeling? But that same ex also said she doesn't give a flying monkey on a trapeze so... I guess that counts too. *LOL* (Off-topic, I blame the milk for my psychobabble. The milk. Yes, the milk.)

17) Do you still have feelings for your ex? Again, which ex? *LOL* I'm not ready to be friendly-friends with one of my exes but I know I can talk to her and stuff about little things. Small talk, in other words. As for the other exes, either we're ok or we just are no longer in touch.

18) Do you believe in long distance relationships? What I have right now is already LDR. It sucks, it's hard but what the hey! We survived! So I guess I believe in it now. What does not kill me makes me stronger.

19) Do you believe in love at first sight? No. Lust at First Sight is more believable. Or Attraction at First Sight. Or Like at First Sight. Love, in my opinion, is like wine: can't hurry it.

I'm not tagging anyone... so just repost if you'd like. Oh I take it back... DOC! I tag you! Rev, I won't tag you back since I know it's not allowed but I still think you're cheating by tagging me by email! Hmph!


*sigh* Temperature dropped another couple of degrees. No longer in the mood to go for a walk. Going back to sleep... Zzzz...

Listening to: Superhuman - Cris Brown featuring Keri Hilson

"...But that's the moment you came to me
I don't know what your love has done to me
Think I'm invincible;
I see through the me I used to be
You changed my whole life
Don't know what your doing to me with your love
I'm feeling all super human,
You did that to me
A super human heart beats in me
Nothing can stop me here with you..."

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