Sunday, April 14, 2013

How to get wet safely during Songkran

It is the year 2556! Hurray!

Thais celebrate the new year in style: getting soaked head to foot and plastering gooey flesh-colored paste on people's faces.

No one is exempted. Everyone gets wet and gets flesh-colored warpaint on their faces. Whether you are on foot, in a van, in a tuktuk, or just going to 7-Eleven to buy ice.

You look like you need a cold shower!
Your camera won't save you!
It is extremely crowded so be very mindful of your possessions - even the ones attached to your body (harhar). The crowds are massive. Think of it as EDSA Dos...but with water. Lots of it. Mostly icy.
The crowd on Thanon Silom corner Thanon Naradiwas - this is the thinnest part, trust me!

So if you do decide to join the craziness, come prepared. We did!
Don't mess with the Pinoy Songkran Warriors!
I skipped today's craziness and went to Nichada Thani for another face-stuffing of Pinoy food.
There's still tomorrow - the last and most bonggaceous day of Songkran.

Sawasdee Pi Mai Kha!

 All pictures courtesy of Larry Castro

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